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Digitized, accessible and dynamic best-practices platform. Transforms best-practices into physician-led, automated clinical process.

ER Physicians need to navigate the complexity of patient care, like a maze.

We used to navigate road trips with printed maps, while today we enjoy real-time navigation apps. 

ER Physicians still navigate this maze with printed papers, intuition, memory and bias. 

This costs the US healthcare system $100B annually, due to…

.. and has adverse outcomes on patients

Clinical best-practices were created to help care navigation, but implementation is challenging, since they are:

Introducing Quai.MD's
Clinical Process Automation


Seamless experience within the Electronic Health Record. 


Transforms physician’s decisions into actionable clinical processes.


Generates physician’s notes for efficiency and better billing.


Real-time recommendations tailored to the specific patient. 

1 %


Unnecessary Admissions*

Improving Patient Outcomes

1 %



Improving Economics

1 min


Length of Stay*

Improving Efficiency

* Target set with design partners

Quai.MD helps medical teams navigate the patient care process.

Much like a GPS, we provide real-time recommendations embedded within the provider’s workflow to help implement the safest and most effective clinical pathways.
Our patented Artificial Intelligence technology combines evidence-based medical knowledge with real-world patient data to provide recommendations that are fine-tuned to the local community and are tailored to the specific patient.

Our initial focus is creating diagnostic pathways for the challenging environment of the Emergency Department.

Meet Our Customers

Using Quai.MD to save precious time in the emergency department

The stressful environment of the Emergency Department is is one of the most challenging for care navigation.

We are collaborating with the Medical University of South Carolina to provide an end-to-end solution for complex patients arriving at the ED. Our initial use case is a MetaPathway™ for Chest Pain, a symptom known for its prevalence, risk and multitude of outcomes.

Andrew Matuskowitz


ED Informatics Director, MUSC
Quai.MD pilot champion

Using Quai.MD to raise care quality in the health system

Running a Healthcare system requires maintaining a constant balance of cost control and optimal care quality. Adhering to clinical pathways helps reduce cost while increasing the quality of care. Quai.MD can help us take those pathways developed in our academic facility and proliferate them throughout the system – to raise the overall standard of care while increasing efficiency and revenue. This is why we have chosen to invest in Quai.MD.


Lisa M. Goodlett


Chief Financial Officer –
MUSC Health
Quai.MD board member

We want a world where every patient in any location is receiving the best clinical care by any physician.

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